Hurri Clean

Min Order: 100/carton

Description 3 packs automatic toilet bowl tank cleaner stain remover scrub cross fast powder kitchen bathroom safe on tank and toilet, cleans jet stream. Improves flush, powerful cyclonic foaming action. Removes stains and bacteria in your tank. Stops mold and mildew. Shocks, scrubs, scours and devours. Eliminates hard water and mineral deposit. Depending on the severity of staining in your toilet or tank, you will have to use 1-3 powder packages in each toilet. Suggest using all three packs for heavily stained toilets tanks, two packs for moderately stained, and then one pack every so often for the upkeep. Specification materialpowdersize16.5*11.5*4.5cmtypetoilet bowl cleanerscentunscentedweight75g packpackage includes 3 x toilet bowl cleaner bags